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Masucci Dispute Management and Resolution Services 

Deborah's career has spanned several industries with hands on practical ADR experience that is innovative and ground breaking. She uses her experience to advise parties and attorneys about the mechanics of ADR rules and procedures, design dispute systems, and perform neutral services. She has served as an arbitrator in over 200 disputes; she developed mediation advocacy training and expertise; and she works to design systematic programs to manage litigation.

Deborah's Specializations

Insurance Disputes

Provided strategic and tactical advice to senior business executives, internal/external lawyers and claims representatives, on approaches for arbitration and mediation on thousands of proceedings, with disputes involving: insurance coverage; bad faith; property and casualty; construction risk; workers compensation; broker dealer securities; vendor services; personal injury; health care; reinsurance; professional liability; directors and officers liability; and subrogation claims. Disputes were between insured and insurer; defense of insured; defense of the Company or initiated by the Company.


International Disputes

As part of defense team provided tactical advice on several arbitration proceedings involving interpretation of surety contracts and reinsurance disputes. Consulted with an Eastern European stock exchange to develop an ADR program to resolve future customer disputes.


Financial Disputes 

Representation in arbitration and mediation proceedings with respect to federal state or common law violations involving misrepresentation; suitability; fraud; wrongful termination; and rescission. Won a six-figure award involving suitability of annuities for an elderly public customer.

Administered thousands of arbitration and mediation claims involving federal, state, or common law violations. Cases covered misrepresentation; suitability; fraud; wrongful termination; and rescission.


Employment Disputes

Served as an arbitrator in employment wrongful discharge; wage and hour; and discrimination disputes involving former employees and retail companies.

Served as a mediator to resolve executive compensation contract dispute involving an investment company.

Construction Dispute

 Served as an arbitrator on cases involving: construction defect; improper installation of HVAC and heating systems; construction of decks and driveways; and improper renovations.


Other Arbitration Experience

Served as an arbitrator on approximately 80 contract disputes involving financial services companies.

Served as an arbitrator on a franchise matter involving breach of contract.

Served as an arbitrator with respect to lawyer/client fee disputes involving return of retainers or legal fees for immigration and estate matters. 




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